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Space Saving Ideas for 1BHK - Solutions That You Will Love

space saving ideas for 1bhk flats

02 Sept, 21
Whether a 1BHK in Malad or a 2BHK elsewhere, a home is spacious enough to accommodate all you want it to if organized well. With Aarambh already offering a gamut of 1BHK flats in Malad East, as roomy as 1.5BHK on the whole, adopting a few handy ideas on space optimization will make it look more capacious.

The need for an inch more in the home remains a big fuss for many without efficiently handling space. Chocking the storage areas, such as cupboards and cabinets, with unwanted stuff in an unorganized fashion, does no good towards giving you that extra inch. It makes it look awry and congested instead, where influential space-saving ideas come instrumental. With them in place, flats in Aarambh Malad East may look more spacious than provided. The following hacks are of great importance to provide you with some more space in your 1BHK in Malad.

Opt for Sleek Storage Options to Optimize Space

The idea of sleek storage and consumer electronics works well with all sizes of flats, even 1BHKs in Malad. From storage benches to wall cabinets, everything has to be svelte to do the job for you. While they add a soothing appeal to the interior, you can make the most of the storage space to stuff daily and rarely used items. You may also bring home compact consumer electronics that occupy less floor space.

Use the Horizontal Space for Display

The prudent use of 1BHK Flat in Malad includes making the most of the horizontal space available on the walls. Using it for added decor in the backdrop of stylish wallpapers may save you a lot of floor space. Also, mounting a few daily-use appliances is no worse when looking to maximize the use of floor area in a property in Malad.

Utilize the Loft Space Cleverly

The multi-utility loft space provided by Group Satellite at Aarambh, a magnificent 18-storey tower boasting functional designs of its fats, does not restrict dwellers from doing anything here. Turn it into a different setting depending on your needs. Place here a few compact seating to relish a cup of refreshing tea or furnish the space with soft cushioning to entertain guests and extended family members. Not limited to being the resting area only, the loft space is for multi-utility purposes. Wise use of it will add a few extra yards to your home.

Shop for Multi-functional Furniture

A folding dining table could be a valuable addition if you fall short of space during the day in your 1BHK in Malad. With this in the home, you can utilize the dining area even during odd hours. Fold the table after you get done with dining and leave the space vacated for other purposes. Similarly, a sofa cum bed, folding chairs, and sleek storage benches will let residents make the most of every inch provided. A murphy bed and a full-length shelf with a movable ladder also seem a worthy investment towards saving a lot of space in your 1BHK property in Malad.

Place Different Types of Seating

Making your 1BHK in Aarambh Malad adaptable to accommodating guests at times requires having different seating options in it. Whether a set of colourful ottomans complementing the interior style or trendy a free-standing sofa or chair that occupies little space possible, the right kind of seating is a must for dwellers to maximize the use of floor space. You can also invest in a set of nesting stools that are easy to stow away when not in use. These space-saving ideas will be worthy of every effort made and every penny spent.

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