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Things to Look for When Buying a Home in the Current Times

Things to look for residential flats in Mumbai

17 Sept, 21
The recent hard times have brought tidying changes in our lives, enforcing masks, social distancing, frequent sanitization, and the need for a safe residence. With these habits fast developing as preventive measures among individuals to stay shielded from the threats of future uncertainties, home buying requires being extra conscious about what we are getting with it. The changing homebuyers’ preferences have made real estate developers in Mumbai reposition themselves to embrace this transformation, which further led them to construct sustainable, spacious homes with all the requisites for healthy living. And this has changed the facade of Mumbai real estate, allowing sophisticated, health-conscious families to find the shelter they deserve.

Never had we spent so much of our time living at home before the pandemic hit the country. It made us realize the importance of owning a home that offers shelter, security and physical wellbeing under one roof. Since not all homes are alike, here are five things to consider when buying one in the current times.

Adequate Open Space

Homes with ample space have witnessed a surge in demand across the nation of late as it is the need of the hour for healthy living. Properties offering a congested area, instead, may pose threats to physical and mental wellness. So, before cracking the deal for your dream home, check if the residential project in Mumbai you think is suitable for you and your family provides adequate lung space to breathe freely. Along with proper ventilation, look at the sizes of windows and go for the larger ones to let the air pass through. If the flat has some loft space, it is going to be the best deal given the demands of the current time.

Well-planned Development and Township

When buying a home, it is worth looking for a residential project in Mumbai built along the lines of a well-planned township. Such localities and constructions will take care of all your necessities, including grocery stores, banks, ATMs, clinics, fire stations, food points, police stations, and other social infrastructure to bring ease and safety to life. During hard times like these that have imposed many restrictions on free mobility, integrated townships are pivotal for effortless and healthy living. So, considering buying a home in a well-planned township will have everything readily available at your doorstep with minimal social interaction.


While earlier it was easy to survive in any setting, the current time makes it a little more arduous to live healthily without a health-conscious, supportive neighbourhood. With builders in Mumbai claiming to have built up strong communities in their residential projects in Mumbai, buyers should not miss out on their chances to extend their support network to ensure a guarded future. A safe and secure neighbourhood is also crucial for peaceful, joyous living, however hard the time may be.

Greenery Around

The next, perhaps, most critical aspect to look for when buying a home from a real estate developer in Mumbai is to check if the property has greenery around. It could be a way to stay in touch with nature and be blessed and rejuvenated all the while. Builders in Mumbai keep landscaping as their top priority to provide residents with natural surroundings. Opt for a home that has trees and plants sprawling all across to harbour healthy and positive living.

Security Measures

Last but not least, security measures are a must to check out for when buying a home in a residential project in Mumbai, as you cannot put your family at risk. Check everything from CCTV installation to intercom facilities and 24x7 security guards at the entrance. Fire fighting systems and waste management operations within the property must also be up-to-date for a safe and healthy future. Enquire if the builders in Mumbai provide the same if so, go ahead.

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