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5 Facts to know before buying ongoing residential projects in Mumbai

03 March, 22
If buying a home in the city of dreams is your ultimate dream, choosing an under-construction project is far more advantageous than a ready-to-move-in property. But that does not mean every ongoing project in Mumbai comes decked with the same features and benefits. Amenities, prices, sizes, and designs may vary from project to project. One must be prudent enough to pick the best possible option that fits one's needs best. Or else the purchase could be disappointing, leading to lots of discomforts and inconveniences. Here are five facts to know before choosing a residential project in Mumbai.

1. Assess current and future housing your needs

Whether you are a newly-wedded couple planning a new home, a professional seeking better investment options, or a family of three or more looking for a property purchase shortly, assessing your needs is the first thing to take into account. You do not need a measuring tape or a pencil and paper to sketch a layout here. Assessment calls for finding a home that meets your future housing needs and gives you long-term benefits. Choose a property based on the current and future requirements of your family.

2. Know about location benefits

Location matters the most when hunting for an under-construction project in Mumbai. If you want your home to inspire comfortable, joyous, and stress-free living, choose an area that provides dwellers with ease of commutation, shopping & entertainment options, green surroundings, reliable community, and proximity of basic facilities. The location must also feature a well-developed infrastructure to encourage a life of prestige and pride. A home in such a location gives residents a sense of high social security.

3. Enquire if the developer abides by RERA guidelines

Unless registered with RERA, real estate developers in Mumbai are not liable to deliver the promise. So, do not shy away from checking the credentials of the developer. It would develop trust and ensure transparency between buyers and builders. In addition to inspecting the history and track records of the developer, whether Group Satellite or any other, review future development plans of the locality. Also, read carefully all the documents mentioning terms & conditions, offers & schemes, property details, additional charges if included, etc. For a more satisfying purchase, make a thorough inspection of the property and scrutinize the builder's credibility.

4. Check out the amenities incorporated within the property

A wise real estate deal entails checking out the amenities incorporated within the property. They decide what life would be like after moving in—compromised or rewarding. A property with compromised features will leave buyers disappointed. As a result, they will be missing the pleasure of living in Mumbai. For this not to happen, look for the amenities that contribute to effortless, joyous, and peaceful living. A few on the list could be a swimming pool, dedicated parking space, proper ventilation, lounge, kids' playing area, gymnasium, and banquet hall. Fixtures & installations, such as doors, windows, CP fittings, cabinets, lights, and flooring, should also be of top quality, better if branded. What else is missing? Consider having sufficient storage capacity, fire fighting systems, and CCTV surveillance.

5. Review the project layout plans

Many ongoing projects in Mumbai, including Satellite Elegance by Group Satellite, offer multiple configurations with different layout plans. Opt for the one that fits your accommodation needs and takes care of each requirement of all your family members. Kitchens and bathrooms should be spacious and well equipped with modern accessories and appliances for ease of living. If the interior design does not make you fall in love with your new home, revise your option and move to the other configuration available.

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