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Facts to Know Before Investing in Real Estate

01 Nov, 21
Like any other investment option, real estate, too, has enormous risks associated with it if not planned carefully. Not all cases of a property purchase earn buyers the fortune of great ROI and effortless living. Driven by emotions, buyers look in a hurry when purchasing their first home and listen to their hearts more than thinking logically, often ending with a disappointing deal.

Things look catchy at the initial stage when the developers recite the features of their property themselves, but the reality may be different once you settle in, and it is no use to cry over spilled milk. So, advanced planning with a few handy tips can help you with the best real estate investment. Here are a few things to know before purchasing a home in a residential project in Mumbai.

Find a location that supports effortless and joyous living

The shortage of living space in core areas of cities often leads buyers to the suburban areas. Although there is nothing wrong with it, not all suburbs are equally developed, offering the quality of life you desire or deserve. So, before enquiring about a residential project in Mumbai, make sure it is in a location that harbours quality living with all the comfort and conveniences around. If you have not yet decided which area can give you the same benefits, explore Goregaon East at least once to end your quest for your dream home. It is where a full-fledged social infrastructure and cultured community awaits you.

Select the right residential project that matches your class and status

A home is not just an assembly of walls and overhead roof to give shelter but a space that reflects your social status. All residential projects in Mumbai claim to be the best in class, but they are not equally built, widely varying in features and amenities. It's better to choose one that comes with the most exclusive luxuries, as is the case with Satellite Elegance in Goregaon East by Group Satellite. It is one of the most sought-after residential projects in the suburb, grazing the sky with grandeur and majesty. As high as a 32-floor tower, the development is poised to become Goregaon's most iconic address in the future. Located within the proximity of reputed schools, fire stations, healthcare facilities, banks, shopping & entertainment options, and other public spaces, it also amasses world-class features and amenities to guarantee an elevated lifestyle. Investing your money in such a home would be a great move towards a financially and socially secured future.

Find a RERA-certified developer

Real estate developers in Mumbai are not bound to offer what they promise unless registered with RERA. Apart from just checking the track record of the builders you are going to buy a home from, check if they abide by RERA guidelines. It brings transparency and timely delivery in the case of an under-construction project. Also, do not forget to read all the documents carefully and make a thorough inspection of the property before cracking the deal.

Check the parking space & security measures

Hotspot cities like Mumbai are running short of parking space; none can deny the fact. Car parking is the most basic need you should look for before investing in a real estate property. If the property does not provide dedicated space for car parking, do not go with it at all, whether or not you possess a car at present. Moreover, check if the property incorporates all the security measures required for safe and secure living. To ensure it, invest in a home installed with alarm systems, motion sensors, smoke detectors, and surveillance cameras.

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