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Satellite Elegance: Setting Higher Standards for Luxury Living in Goregaon

Satellite Elegance by Group Satellite offering luxurious 2bhk flats in Goregao East

26 October, 21
A masterpiece in itself narrating the success story of a decade-long development by the industry's most celebrated designer (SSA), atellite Elegance is setting higher standards for luxury living in Goregaon East. This premium residence is where luxury and aesthetics meet world-class amenities to soothe buyers' quest for uncompromised living. Living at its thoughtfully designed 2BHKs in Goregaon will be a joy forever, no matter what luxury means to you. Whether you relate it to comfort or meet it at posh ambiance oozing extravagance, Satellite Elegance does it best by blending both in the right proportion. It never eludes the ones with a penchant for elegance and effortlessness. A look at what makes it so is worth having before considering buying a home here.

Modern luxuries

Satellite Elegance compiles the most sought-after features and amenities all at the same place to your rapture. On the roof is a contemporary lounge, where relaxing and sipping with friends and close ones will be an experience only a few deserve. When on the floor, the sparkle of the sapphire blue swimming pool will entice you to have limitless fun. This grand residential property in Goregaon also sets apart a children's playing area to let your kids play offline, away from electronic diversions. If you love to begin your day with a workout session, whether light or intense, go nowhere as the building features a well-equipped gymnasium for its residents. For festivity and celebrations, there is a multi-purpose hall given.

Matchless glory

A 2BHK at Satellite Elegance, a glorious tower as high as 32-floor, means a lot for luxury seekers. Grazing the magnificence of Mumbai's skyline from this marvellous construction in the heart of Goregaon is a proud feeling. Surrounded by plenty of greenery and picturesque landscaping radiating positivity and liveliness, the development is sure to make you experience luxury in its true sense. So, when seeking a luxury flat in Goregaon, Satellite Elegance stands first to cater to the same. It justifies your investment by making life easy and purposeful.

Well-planned layout

Articulately partitioned into a spacious yet well-furnished bedroom, master bedroom, kitchen, passage, two toilets, and living & dining area, these 2BHK flats in Goregaon East take better care of every need of its residents. They feature two thoughtful configurations: Majestic and Premiere. While the former reflects masterful craftsmanship tailored to evoke emotions, the latter is no less gracious. A statement of class and elegance, the interior design qualifies all tests of modern-day homes featuring ample storage space, stylish ceilings, trendy flooring, and more. Proper ventilation makes these 21st-century homes an adobe that lets the air pass through and ensures the physical wellbeing of its dwellers. It is where intelligent design combines the best-in-class architecture to set new dynamics for higher living.

Fixtures & installations

No home without modern fixtures and installations can match the standards of new-age living. It has to have them in place for elegance and functional efficiency. As for Satellite Elegance, it offers luxurious 2BHKs in Goregaon installed with premium quality fixtures. Everything, from cabinets to toiletry and lighting to door accessories, contributes to the aesthetic quotient well. Apart from just being classy and sturdy, the cabinets installed provide sufficient storage space to accommodate all you may need. The developer has also not compromised the quality of plumbing and sanitary items, such as taps, pipes, valves, etc. They are durable and elegant enough to bring exclusivity and an extra bit of style to living. A 2BHK at this fabulous construction will let you experience unparalleled luxury and opulence. With this much to its credit, this residential property in Goregaon sets higher standards for luxury living.

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